Diana Policarpo

Looking Outward and Inward to a Sea of Stars (2020)

Mixed media on recycled plexiglass and 2-channel audio installation (dyptich).
59.4 x 84.1 x 10 cm
Duration: 1' (loop)

Commissioned by EDP Foundation | Museu de Arte, Arquitectura e Tecnologia (MAAT), Lisbon

Curated by Inês Grosso & Rosa Lheó

Exhibit Design: Diogo Passarinho Studio


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Looking Outward and Inward to a Sea of Stars

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In the course of her research on the relationship and interactions between parasite and host, and ideas of contagion, infection and manipulation, the artist has developed a new work conceived specifically for this exhibition, this time on the parasitic fungus Claviceps purpurea, which grows on the ears of grasses such as rye and other cereals, from which certain substances are extracted for medicinal use. Looking Outward and Inward to a Sea of Stars shows images of this fungus in microscopic detail. The fungus is commonly associated with the disease currently known as ergotism — a blight affecting both animals and humans, known as ‘holy fire’ or ‘Saint Anthony’s fire’ during the Middle Ages, it caused numerous epidemics, killing people in their thousands. Once again, the artist explores the relationship between sound and abstract images to create a sound work generated from visual data, using biosensors that transform it into different sounds, textures, and noise.


Looking Outward and Inward to a Sea of Stars
Inês Grosso & Rosa Lleó


(Photo: Bruno Lopes)


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