Diana Policarpo

Diana Policarpo & Deniz Unal
The Feminist Rock Salt (to Lynda Benglis), 2015

mixed media installation and platform/stage for performance events

Applied materials:
wood, chicken wire, fabric, plaster, metallic paint, neon lights, speakers, amplifier and tv screen.

HD video, color, sound, 2'30'' (loop)

Dimensions variable

Does Not Equal, W139, Amsterdam 

(Photo: Milan Anais)

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Feminist Rock Salt (to Lynda Benglis)

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In the wake of recent media attention, celebrity endorsement and cultural appropriation and recuperation, feminism no longer seems to be a dangerous word. If hashtags such as ‘YesAllWomen’ work to find some kind of universal solidarity Does Not Equal attempts to acknowledge the reality of difference and the struggle inherent in finding what’s shared. In adopting a discursive curatorial approach, and informed by a series of reading groups, the exhibition presented a programme of live performance using the Feminist Rock Salt as main stage, symposium and film screenings accompanied by a collective study room and series of radio podcasts.



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